Boat Only

All fishing on Loch Leven, whether for brown trout or pike, must be done from a boat as there is no bank fishing permitted.  The fishing is under the management of Loch Leven Fisheries which has a well-maintained fleet of modern Coulam boats made from glass-reinforced plastic.  All boats are equipped with outboard motors and life jackets.


All brown trout under 11 inches in size must be returned to the Loch.  There is no limit to the number of brown trout that can be landed by anglers but we would ask that anglers respect the fact that Loch Leven is a wild brown trout fishery and that they keep what they would like ‘for the pot’ but otherwise practice catch & release – typically around 75% of trout caught are then released back into the Loch after being measured.  The pink fleshed, wild Loch Leven brown trout is delicious to eat and so anglers should have no concerns about taking some home with them to enjoy.


Life jackets are provided for anglers as standard are are included in the overall boat charge.

It is possible to hire rods, reels, tackle & flies from fishery staff but arrangements should be made in advance.  Please call Willie on 07867 978042.

Coaching/Ghillie Services

Private coaching sessions can be arranged (casting tuition both on dry land and on the water).

We can arrange for experienced ghillies to accompany you out onto the Loch and advise on areas to fish and tactics, line weights and flies to use.

To arrange for tuition or for a ghillie, please call Willie on 07867 978042.


Facilities for anglers on Loch Leven were greatly enhanced in May 2001 with the opening of the Loch Leven Angling Centre.  Toilets and changing facilities are available and the Boathouse Restaurant with its attached Coffee Shack beside the harbour at Kinross provides a large range of hot & cold food and drink as well as a licensed bar.

The Loch Leven Angling Centre is situated beside the harbour at the south west corner of the Loch at the southern end of the town of Kinross.