Loch Leven Fishing Report – period ending 19th July

The fishing has continued to be pretty challenging on Loch Leven lately, however there have been fish seen on the surface on some of the quieter evenings.  On Tuesday last week, there was a very good rise of trout to the north west of North Buoy right back to Scart Island, although catching them proved a different matter.  Nevertheless, it was lovely to see a good head of fish up on the surface.  The other very encouraging sign has been the appearance in big numbers of smaller fish which has only occurred over the last 10 days.

There have also been some very good hatches of fly, especially in the North Deeps, which have brought good numbers of trout up in the evenings.  A big thank you to Colin Martin who sent in these 2 lovely photos below from his evening on the loch.

Hatch of flies on the boat


Fishing at sunset on Loch Leven


Colin also posted the following account of his evening which sums up Loch Leven of late pretty well

“Beautiful evening on Loch Leven…. Perfect conditions,, amazing hatch of flies, waited in anticipation of a cracking rise of fish…. In the age old tradition of the Queen of the Lochs, the amazing rise never happened … Netted 2 fish about a pound and a half each, a couple o pulls, a decent number of fish rising in the South Deeps…. Overall a very satisfying evening man ✌️✌️

There are also still some big fish going about.  Martin Wilson had a good fish at 4 lbs 5 ozs just off Cavelstone Strip whilst Lewis Kerr had another estimated at 5 lbs at Scart Island.  Ian Hawkins was out on Saturday and had 5 good fish on a very wet and windy day whilst the previous evening, Alan Smith netted three nice fish but managed to hook, play almost to the boat and then ‘lose’ another 6 trout in what was a very eventful session.  Undeterred, Alan ventured out again the following evening , rose 5 fish and managed to land 2 of them.

Traditional flies, fished quite well close to the surface, have been working pretty well but, during the day sessions in particular, higher density lines are required with perhaps a Sparkler on the tail to have the best chance of bringing a fish or two to the boat.

Best areas have been the 12-20 foot area of the North Deeps.  The South Deeps  too are now offering some good open water drifts all the way from Reed Bower to the east end of St Serfs.

Pike fishing has gone somewhat quiet at the moment although some nice ones have been located over the now well-established weed beds.

Water clarity is 1.8 metres and the temperature is a comfortable (for the fish) 15.5oC.  As mentioned previously, the weed beds are now fully established and fish are now starting to patrol the areas adjacent to the weed and indeed some very big trout have been seen cruising around these areas.

Finally, here is another cracking photo of the boats in the harbour at dusk taken by Jenny Beveridge

The harbour at dusk