Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 1 July 2018

High temperatures are making fishing a bit uncomfortable at times, especially in the middle of the day when the thermometer can reach at times close to 30oc!

Some fish are being caught on buzzer methods in 15-20 foot of water.  Some good fly hatches now beginning to appear in the late evening, but fish have been reluctant so far to respond to these hatches.  The biggest fish this week was caught by Keith Talbot – weighing in at 3lb 8oz and was taken on a Diawl Bach.  Keith was fishing near to the East Buoy and interestingly, the trout had 13 sticklebacks in its stomach so was obviously on some kind of feeding frenzy!

Keith Talbot’s catch weighed in at 3lb 8oz taken on a Diawl Bach near to the East Buoy


Pike anglers are really having to work hard for any results.  The weed growth is probably responsible for the lack of success.

The best areas for picking up trout still much the same as last week.  All the 15-20 foot contours in the North holding fish.  Mid and East Buoy drop offs well worth a “chuck” as are the open water drifts off St Serfs and Reed Bower.

Buzzers in their various colour combinations probably the most successful method, but as reported, above Diawl Bach and probably a Cruncher well worth a shot.  When the fish do move up the water column to feed, all of the recognised, traditional flies pulled behind an appropriate line density will work.

Water clarity is at 1.8 metres and temperature is 20oc and we still have an algae presence.  Not at all surprising in the very hot weather.

Hopefully the evening hatching buzzers – Yellow Owl – will get fish on the move and give us a chance at a trout or two at or near to the surface.