Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 10th August 2014

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Small fish have made an appearance big time at Loch Leven this week with some anglers reporting having caught loads of little brownies in the 5” – 10” size group, most of them frolicking around in the top 2 feet of the water column.  These small fish were being found all over the loch but particularly in the open water drifts.

That said, some bigger fish were also being caught, one lovely  3 lbs 1 oz specimen by Graham Birse who posted the following on our Facebook page together with a couple of nice photos (below):

Graham Birse shows off the 3lbs 1 oz brownie caught at last light

Graham Birse shows off the 3lbs 1 oz brownie caught at last light

‘After a bright and sunny Saturday on the loch, fishing was hard; so I was very pleased on the last drift of the day to hook up with this beautiful 3lb 1oz hen fish, at about 10pm, just off the Reed Bower, having changed my point fly to an Alexandria to try and mimic small fry.’

Close up of Graham Birse's trout showing its fabulous condition

Close up of Graham Birse’s trout showing its fabulous condition

Out the previous day (Friday afternoon & evening session), Rab Walls had 5 fish which he kept as well as another 9 or 10 which measured over 10” as well as numerous other smaller fish.  That same evening, Bill Barnes had 5 fish which ‘measured’  and another 8 or 9 below the 10” mark, and Ally Wells had 4 good fish that same day.  On Sunday afternoon, Kinross AC had 19 fish, nearly all of which were returned as well as numerous smaller fish.

Water clarity stands at 1.4 metres currently.  Background algae have become more prominent just lately following the bright, warm weather but the larger blue-green algae appear to have reduced in numbers.  The water temperature is still relatively high at 17.8oC but is now starting to fall slowly.

All of the open water drifts such as the North & South Deeps, are producing fish, as is the area between East Buoy and Castle Island.  Two anglers did see a particularly big fish on Sunday close to Reed Bower which they estimated at 10 lbs or more – it leapt out of the water and crashed down ‘like a slamon’.  It does pay to watch the drifts closer to the shorelines as some of the large fish are starting to chase some of the bigger fry.

The best flies at the moment are the traditionals such as Kate McLaren, Black Pennell, all of the Snatchers (emergers) and all of the many Dabblers and Muddlers tied to traditional patterns.  Fish have been located near to the surface and full ‘floaters’ down to intermediate 2 are probably the best line choice.  However higher densities will also work especially when pulled fast in the top 2-4 feet of water.