Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 11th August 2015

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‘Working away quietly’ probably best describes the fishing on Loch Leven over the last week. Fish are certainly showing when conditions are favourable but the real challenge for anglers is in accurately reading the situation. I suppose that is why they describe our sport as ‘fishing’!
To give one example, two anglers were out fishing on Sunday for the afternoon and evening sessions. They were having a little bit of success early on but it was hard work. Then, at about 7pm, the fish suddenly ‘switched on’ and were being contacted almost every other cast. They caught 5 good fish in an hour and a half with many more undersized fish landed but not recorded. Then, at 8.30pm, they ‘switched off’ again and it was back to hard work. During that ‘Duffers’ hour and a half, the fish had obviously reacted to perhaps a change of light, a slight difference in the wind or most likely a small hatch of fly which the anglers had perhaps not been aware of.
Over the week, there have been sign nice fish recorded but none in the 6 lbs bracket that we had seen the previous week. Heaviest fish that we are aware of for last week was a nice trout weighing exactly 4 lbs which was caught by Alan Mulgrew from Falkirk. Alan caught his fish just below the surface on a Bibio at the North Buoy.

Alan Mulgrew with a nice 4 lbs brownie caught on a Bibio

Alan Mulgrew with a nice 4 lbs brownie caught on a Bibio

The open water drifts now appear to be holding good numbers of fish particularly in the south part of the loch such as the South Deeps, Carden Point to the south shore of St Serfs and just east of Reed Bower. Some very big fish have been seen splashing around pretty much all over the loch and we look forward to them turning their attentions to the huge shoals of fry which are now showing near to the weed beds.
Water clarity remains pretty much the same at 1.5 meters but larger counts of small algaes are responsible for the reduction in clarity in places as we would expect at this time of year. The water temperature is still hovering around the 15oC mark.

As the evenings start to grow shorter, anglers perhaps ought to capitalise on what we think is probably the best option of a combined afternoon & evening session, particularly on those admittedly rather rare bright days when the best of the sport tends to be late afternoon & early evening.