Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 12 August 2018

Sorry for the gap in reports from Loch Leven – a wee holiday for all of us!

It’s still proving a wee bit tricky out there at the moment but some trout have started to chase just sub-surface.

David Morrison was out on Saturday 11th and had a good trout weighing in at 3lb 4oz.  Kinross Angling Club were out on Sunday 12th and picked up five fish and one member actually had a hold of two 2lb plus fish at the same time.  The fish hooked on the “Bob” fly managed to escape and the second fish was landed and measured at 460 mm and was around 3lbs and was reunited with its hungry pal presumably!

Traditional flies are working: Kate McLaren, Doobry, Dunkeld and various snatchers and muddlers are all worth a wee swim.

The drop offs, especially from East Buoy to Point of St Serfs, Carden Point to South side of St Serfs and the North Shore from Green Isle to North Buoy are all worth a try.  The open water South and East of Reed Bower holding good fish as are all of the many weed beds.

Huge numbers of fry are to be seen pretty much all over the Loch.  Two anglers out pike fishing on Saturday 11th saw good numbers of trout “hitting” the fry just off Alice’s Bower and some big trout amongst them.

Pike anglers are still coming along to give it a go and it’s paid off for Tony Taggart and his pal on Saturday as they managed 5 pike between them up to 17lbs in weight!  The pike were taken mainly on large bright lures.

Water clarify remains low at just over one meter, courtesy of a persistent algae bloom.  The temperature is much more comfortable for the fish at 16oc at the 3 foot mark.  Zooplankton is still present but difficult to assess quantities because of the algae presence.