Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 12th August 2012

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See-sawing fortunes probably best describes the fishing this past week on Loch Leven.  Some of the day sessions have been challenging such as anglers out on Saturday found, whereas the very next day, fish were moving up the water column and being caught.  One boat reported having ‘moved’ eight fish during a half hour drift only to then ‘lose’ them for the next 2 hours!  However, evening fishing has been much better, with fish on or near the surface most evenings last week.

The best areas have been East Buoy, Point of St Serfs to Reed Bower, the Willows at the east end of St Serfs, Cavelstone Strip and Factor’s Pier, all of which have been holding good numbers of fish.

Traditional flies, such as Doobry, Kate McLaren, Snatchers (particularly the Claret Snatcher) and Plain & Pearly Invicta, have all been working.

Line choice is actually quite straightforward – or at least it would appear to be!  In the evenings, a floating or low density line is best whereas for day fishing, we would recommend much the same if cloud cover is 100% or thereabouts but no more than a D13 should be required in brighter conditions.  Deep fishing with a D15 or D17 does not appear to be working now at all well but it is unwise to discount anything when setting out for a day’s fishing on Loch Leven.  As has been the case for much of this season, Buzzer methods have been less successful than in previous years but still might be worth a wee swim in the right conditions.

Water temperature is 17.8oC and clarity today is slightly lower at 1.8 metres but that is still fine for top of the water fishing.

No really big fish have been reported over the last 7 days but Dave Bonnington had a very nice fish estimated at 3 lbs 8 ozs (Dave returned the fish) during an afternoon & evening session on Sunday.

Whilst on the subject of Evening sessions, the price drops to £30 per boat from the end of this week until the end of the season, reflecting the earlier onset of dusk. Although, until now, we prefer to keep the Day & Evening sessions separate as far as possible, it may be that combined Afternoon & Evening sessions would be an attractive proposition for anglers for the final few weeks of the season.  If anyone would like to book Afternoon & Evening session boats, subject obviously to availability (Day session boats take priority), we will book them out at the same price as a Day Boat (£47 per boat).