Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 12th June

The unsettled weather conditions did make for pretty challenging fishing on Loch Leven over the last week.  Over 4 inches of rain fell over a matter of a few days which led to the water temperature dropping some 40C and the big spates in the burns saw water clarity also dropping sharply particularly around the burn mouths.

That said, some fish have been caught.  Once again, Jeff Lawson & Eck Dewar were out again last week and caught 10 trout between them on Thursday, all on buzzers.  On Friday, one boat had 2 very good trout between 2 ½ – 3 ½ lbs, both of which were returned.  Sad to say, we do not have the name of the angler who caught these fish as he returned early and posted the result on a return but with no name attached!

Despite the murky conditions brought about by the heavy run off into the loch, water clarity has started to settle down again as conditions have improved a bit and it now stands at 2.7 metres on the Secchi Disc.  Water temperature too has started to edge back up and sits at just on 140C which is a comfortable level for the fish.  Hopefully, the very unsettled weather conditions have passed and fishing will return to more normal levels.

Pike anglers are still recording some nice pike but weed growth is starting to provide them with more cover which will in turn hamper efforts to catch them.

Evening fishing is underway and some good hatches of fly have been observed out in the open water which has led to trout being seen on the surface but as yet not in huge numbers.  Hopefully that will come.

Best areas have been the North Deeps (midway between Scart and North Buoy), Sluices, Brock’s Hole and the open water just east of Reed Bower.

Buzzer fishing is still working well when conditions fine down and pulling methods are also producing results when the fish decide to ‘switch on’.