Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 12th Sept 2016

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There is not a huge amount to report on the last week, in part because not that many boats were out.  Apart from a few very big fish seen chasing fry on the margins of the weed beds, the fish in general have been hard to locate and get in amongst.  The estuarial areas out from the North & South Queichs as well as the Gairney are now holding good numbers of fish but their priority now has switched from feeding to breeding!

One angler out last week did locate some feeding fish at the east end of Carden Bay  and he did manage to land two very nice fish, both of which were returned.  He described both fish as ‘wearing their best bib and tucker in anticipation of a forthcoming wedding!’  Both fish were cock fish and were probably more aggressive than hungry.

Water clarity has dipped slightly to 1.3 meters due mainly to a seasonal bloom of diatom (brown algae). Water temperature is steady at 160C and , for the first time for quite a while, Zooplankton are a little harder to find in the samples we take but are still present in good numbers nonetheless.

As mentioned in previous reports, fry are prolific mainly along the edge of the weed beds and are being hounded by those trout still interested in feeding.  However, although usually difficult to tempt, we quite often find that in September in the last few weeks of the season, they can suddenly switch back on again.

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