Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 15 July 2018

Despite the hot weather and water temperature, some fish are still coming up to or near to the surface, especially in the evening and usually responding to some nice fly hatches.  On Friday evening, Lochgelly SRC had 12 trout for 14lb 3oz for their three boats.  Lewis Kerr had an estimated 4lb+ fish on Sunday afternoon (see photo). Drifting onto St Serfs Island in a fresh South wind with a heavy drizzle at the time, Lewis took his fish right off the surface on a size 12 Kate McLaren.

Lewis Kerr’s catch on Sunday afternoon. A 4lb+ caught off the surface on a size 12 Kate McLaren


Keir Hardie, out at the same time with his son, had a frustrating spell. He lost one very big fish, touched another and finally, later in the evening, did manage to net a 2lb trout from behind Castle Island.  Who said fishing was easy!

Water temperatures are still at 20oc at 2 to 3 feet but as I write, the air temperature is a bit lower, so hopefully the water will follow suit.  Still a fair amount of algae present and the clarity is 1.4 metres on the Secchi Disk and the weed beds are now attracting a lot of small fish – mainly stickle back.  Perch fry will now be making an appearance and the trout can really home in on the shoals of fry.

Fly patterns are much the same as last week.  Don’t be afraid to downsize, especially at night.  One angler reported catching a couple of fish on a size 14 Kate McLaren and had several other “enquiries”.

Hopefully the evening fishing will continue to improve and, indeed, if we get a dull day with a good blow, the fish should be just a little bit more vulnerable closer to the surface.