Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 15th August 2016

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There have been some very nice baskets of fish recorded over the last week on Loch Leven, mainly from day session boats but evenings too have been producing fish when the conditions have been favourable.

In terms of big fish, we have heard rumours that Lloyd & Scott Mudie, out with Mike Pszowski, had a 3 pounder leap into the boat and then themselves caught one of about 5 lbs but we are trying to track them down to see if there is anything in that rumour (perhaps in next week’s blog).

As it is, Bill Bruce out yesterday (Monday) had the biggest confirmed fish of the week weighing in at an estimated 3-4 lbs which he caught just off Scart Island.

Alan Lindsay and 2 friends had no fewer than 19 fish, all over 10 inches during an afternoon and evening session as well as numerous undersized trout.  Ally Middlemass was out last Thursday on a pretty windy day and had 13 fish with many more undersized fish which he didn’t count. He reported seeing a fish of ‘salmon-sized’ proportions showing just east of Scart Island.

Alan Smith and Connor Campbell were out on Thursday evening and had 18 mainly small trout but all over the 10 inch measure and reported seeing many more undersized specimens. Out on Sunday, Kinross AC had 18 trout for their 5 boats.

Traditional brown trout flies are seemingly working best at the moment, with those such as Kate McLaren, Doobry, Black Hopper, Black Snatcher, various Dabblers and Muddlers and flies with a pearl body all doing well.

The open water is still probably the best bet but huge long drifts especially in a  good fresh wind over the North or South Deeps are worth taking advantage of in the right conditions.  Fish have again started to appear along the edges of a lot of the weed beds and these fish are now chasing fry and can be the very devil to catch although very exciting to see!

Water clarity is a tad better this week at just under 1.8 meters due almost certainly to the algae count appearing lower but the warm, sunny weather of the last couple of days might well reverse that.

As mentioned, big numbers of fry are now being seen above the weed beds and so it is wise to factor in the possibility of a big fish in these areas during a day on the loch!

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