Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 15th August

Some big fish are now appearing pretty much all over the loch, mainly jumping clear of the water in what is usually a sign of pre spawning trout preparing themselves for their annual activities to come in the burns in a few weeks’ time.  These jumping trout, when covered, rarely take a fly but they do keep anglers on their toes!  Small trout are still very much in evidence particularly in all the open water drifts but in reality they are all over the loch.

Best drifts over the last week have been the open water between Reed Bower and St Serfs, East and Mid Buoys as well as from Gairney mouth all along to Carden Bay.

Traditional flies are still accounting for most of the fish being caught, particularly Doobry, Kate McLaren and Black Pennell.  Various Snatchers, Dabblers and Muddlers are also worth a try.

Water clarity has improved slightly to 1.6 meters on the Secchi Disc and the water temperature has edged a little higher to 17oC.  Fry are now making an appearance especially along the drop offs and the now extensive weed beds with both perch and stickleback fry being found in the stomachs of trout ‘kept for the pot’.

Pike are once again being caught in quite sensible numbers.  Two boats out at the weekend both had 5 pike each with the biggest weighing in at just under 20 lbs.  The most successful method at the moment for pike anglers appears to be lures fished high in the water column but one boat on Friday evening had several ‘runs’ on dead bait but only actually boated successfully one pike.  Along the front of the Castle (SW facing side) to Reed Bower is where most of the pike have been located recently.