Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 15th September 2013

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Persistent strong winds almost stopped the fishing at times last week on Loch Leven but there always seemed to be some (intrepid?) anglers prepared to brave the conditions.  On Sunday, for example, when gales were lashing the west coast and were forecast to be pretty strong here, some boats nevertheless did venture out in conditions where just casting / presenting the fly posed a significant challenge!

On quieter days, some nice fish were caught.  The top weight for the week went to a fish weighing 5 lbs 11 ozs caught by Mr Kippen – and it was the first time he has been back to fish Loch Leven for several years.  He caught the fish while drifting through the gap between Reed Bower and Castle Island.  Alan Hill fish the loch for two days last week – on Wednesday, fishing with some Dutch friends, he had 6 fish and the only one he kept, the largest, weighed in at 5 lbs 2 ozs.  The following day, fishing on his own, Alan had 9 fish with the largest estimated at 3 lbs 4 ozs.  Gairney Mouth and east of the Reed Bower were Alan’s most productive areas.

On Sunday, in the strong winds, Willie Wilson fishing with Kinross AC had a cracking trout measuring 53 cms which he estimated at just under 5 lbs.  We are not sure who was most surprised – the fish or Willie!  The fish took a size 12 Kate McLaren  It was a cock fish which Willie then, after measuring it, carefully returned because it is just the sort of specimen we need to be doing its stuff up the burns over the next few weeks.

There are still lots of small fish near the surface being caught, especially in the open water drifts.  The larger fish are now being found near the burn mouths.

Water clarity continues to improve slowly and now stands at 1.4 metres whereas the water temperature has fallen further to 15oC as more autumnal weather has kicked in.  The weed beds are now receding back to the shore line but trout are still being found near to the remaining ones.

Traditional flies are still working – I think you probably all know what these are by now!  It is probably a good idea to be prepared to vary methods and to try at least one lure pattern, fished fast, during your day out.

Drifts near to the three main burn mouths are well worth a go as trout are certainly being seen in these areas – and very good fish too!  Otherwise, open water drifts are worth a try as late season feeding trout are being contacted on these drifts.