Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 16th September 2012

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Strong winds at Loch Leven over the last week have made the fishing fairly testing and the fish have ‘quietened down a bit’, particularly in the open water drifts.  However some nice fish have been turning up in the returns and, for example, Mr Harvey from The Borders kept a really nice fish weighing at 3 lbs 10 ½ ozs.

However, top fish of the week was caught by someone who just a month ago had caught his biggest ever  fish on Loch Leven in 50 years of trying.  You simply cannot keep a good man down because Willie Wilson, fishing once again with his club Kinross AC, went one better and caught a magnificent, perfectly proportioned cock fish which measured 650mm (25.6 inches in old money) weighing an estimated 6 ½ – 7 lbs using a Claret Snatcher just off the entrance to Old Manse Bay.  After what by all accounts was an epic battle, the fish was netted, measured and returned in order to allow it to attend to more important matters in the burns over the coming weeks.  When it swam away, it was reckoned to be in a better physical condition than it had left Willie in!

Fish are to be found on those shore line drifts with a pronounced drop, Black Wood, Prap, Ray’s Burn and Old Manse Bay.  The open water drifts are also well worth a try especially when the wind eases to allow a good, steady drift.

There has been little change in the best flies to use from previous weeks but Sparklers are now well worth a try as huge numbers of fry are being seen all over the loch, even in the open water.

The water temperature has dropped over the last week to 13.80C and water clarity remains at 1.6 metres when the strong winds have not whipped it up.