Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 17 June 2018

Wind has been the dominant feature at Loch Leven this past week.  Unfortunately, we lost all of Thursday’s and most of Friday’s fishing due to unseasonably high wind from the South West.  Some very heavy rain on Saturday made it very uncomfortable to fish and the wind returned on Monday, although not as strong as Saturday, but pretty troublesome just the same.  As I write this report, we are just finishing an overnight spell of pretty heavy rain, so from being very dry we are now just a bit wet!

Some fish are still being caught in the quieter spells.  The evening fishing just showing signs of “getting going” a bit.  Some anglers were out on Sunday evening and got in among some hatching caenis and some fish did come to the surface.  Some small buzzers have also been hatching, bringing up the odd trout or two but nothing major yet.

Pike anglers, as reported last week, are finding it hard to contact any numbers of pike, but a few are still being caught in slightly deeper water – 8 foot to 10 foot just off the weed beds along the West Shore.

The best areas for trout are still pretty much the same as last week – North Deeps, South Side of Reed Bower and Carden Point to St Serfs – wind permitting of course!

Pulling methods probably now just shading buzzer, but I will no doubt be proved wrong on that one.  That’s one of the many reasons it’s called fishing!

The best flies? Again, very hard to predict but Dunkeld, all of the Snatchers, Kate McLaren and Black Pennel all should be considered, and if an evening hatch does materialise, matching the hatch will be the order of the day or night.

Water clarity is now 2.2 metres on the Secchi Disc and the temperature is considerably lower at 14.5oC.  Zooplankton is still prolific, as are the many banks of weed now established.