Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 17th August 2014

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Conditions on Loch Leven have often been pretty rough over the last week.  On Saturday, a very strong wind main casting / fly presentation pretty difficult to say the least!  Despite that, the hardy anglers who did brave the very testing conditions did manage a fish or two for their endeavours.  The best fish, weighing 3 lbs 9 ozs, was caught by Scott Doig at the Green Isle using a little home tied traditional fly.  Scott had another smaller fish weighing just over a pound and a further one returned.

Earlier in the week, RAF Northern League were out, again in very windy conditions, and they managed to record a very creditable 15 fish with the best at 2 lbs 6 ozs.

Small fish are still being seen in the top few feet of the water column and, on some days, in very large numbers all over the open water areas.

Water clarity has improved very slightly over the week to 1.6 metres and the temperature has started to drop to more comfortable levels around 16.5oC.  As is normal at this time of year, the open water weed beds are starting to reduce significantly in size. However, the shore line weed beds are still very robust and should harbour fry from now until the end of the season, hopefully prompting some of the bigger fish to start patrolling these areas, giving anglers the chance of a trophy trout.

Traditional flies still seem to be working best.  In the windier conditions, Dabblers, Muddlers and Snatchers have been working well.  If you are targeting the early fry feeders, they will tend to take the many fry imitation patterns such as the Dunkeld variants, Peter Ross, Alexandra etc.

The open water drifts, both North & South, are still proving probably to be the best bets for anglers but, as the season progresses, the shore line drifts particularly close to the mouths of the North & South Queich and along the south side of St Serfs will all be worth watching.