Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 18th Sept 2011

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It is encouraging to be able to report that Loch Leven continues to fish pretty well as we enter the final month of the season.  This past week has seen some very nice, big fish caught and released and many more being seen which is great to hear – even if this can be frustrating for those anglers out on the loch trying to attract them to the fly.  Martin McLaughlin and Andy Lee were out yesterday and both caught a beauty.  Martin’s came it at an estimated 7 lbs whereas Andy’s fish was around 5 lbs – both were duly released back into the loch.  Thank,s guys, for the great photos.

Martin McLaughlin with his brownie estimated at around 7 lbs

Andy Lee with a 5 lbs Loch Leven brownie

Andy Lee with a 5 lbs Loch Leven brownie

Dunkeld variants, particularly the sparkler versions, are all seemingly working nicely but, when the fish are taking, the old favourites such as muddlers, all the snatcher patterns, Kate McLaren, Fiery Brown Dabbler,  Pearly Invicta and Wickham are all catching fish.

The best areas are now moving to slightly shallower marks around the East and Mid Buoys.  In these areas, 6 – 8 feet would appear to be a good depth of water in which to try to locate the brownies.  The weed beds too are all still worth a try because fry are still to be found in large numbers along the edges.

Line choice is also quite important. When cloud cover is complete, a floating or very low density line is best. Even when it is bright, a ‘fast glass’ should be sufficient to reach the fish.

Water clarity is good for September at just on 2 meters but the water temperature has begun to ease down and now stands at 15°C.

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