Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 1st August 2016

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There have been some pretty good baskets of fish recorded at Loch Leven over the last week. David Wales, out fishing on Saturday, had to our knowledge the biggest fish of the week weighing in at 6 lbs 1 oz. David caught the fish on a Hummungus using a DI5 line at the North Deeps. He and his boat partner Jordan Scott managed a number of fish between them, mostly small, but good sport nonetheless in quite windy conditions.

On Thursday evening, Alan Lindsay had 9 fish whilst, the following evening, Kinross AC had 10 fish for their 5 boats.  Alan Smith and Ian Simpson were out last night and had 9 fish that ‘measured’ (ie above the min size limit) and a load of smaller fish.  That same session, Colin McGonigal  had 5 fish that measured as well as a number of wee ones.  Although these small, young undersized fish can be a bore for anglers, it is nevertheless lovely to see them making their presence obvious in numbers because, after all, they are the adult fish of future seasons – which augurs well for the fishery going forwards.

During the day session yesterday (Monday), Frank McFarlane had 6 good trout after giving the buzzers a good workout!

The North Deeps are holding good numbers of fish and is indeed probably the most productive area at the moment.  That said, all the open water drifts are producing results when the wind direction is suitable.

There have not been as many sightings this week of fish feeding on fry (as reported last week) but it has been pretty windy most of the week which may explain it.  Buzzer methods may now be just appearing to be easing off and fish are now being contacted higher up in the water column which does give opportunities to fish traditional patterns using various line densities at variable speeds.  It very often seems to be paying off to get out into the wind on a good drift where anglers can cover large areas of water on a single drift.

The best flies at the moment seem to be Black Snatcher, Doobry, Kate McLaren, Pearly Muddler and various Dabblers. Some of the well known fry imitations are also working when the fish are in ‘fry feeding mode’.

Water conditions are pretty much the same as last week – water clarity is steady at 1.8 meters on the Secchi Disc and water temperature remains at 16.50C.  Zooplankton are still showing up in prolific quantities in the water column at all the sites we regularly test.

As the season ‘matures’, pulling a team of wet flies will probably become increasingly the ‘go to’ method. The key will be finding the depth where the fish are to be found and that will depend very much on the conditions of the day.

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