Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 20 August 2018

Our anglers are having to work a wee bit harder here at Loch Leven.  Some fish have been seen on the surface at times and interestingly, all over the Loch, apart from the very shallow water.

Some very nice fish are now “patrolling” the weed beds, presumably chasing fry which are in abundance – not only in the weeds, but also out in the open water.

Fly life has been a bit more prolific this past week with some quite good buzzer hatches in the more humid days we’ve had recently.

Most of the fish contacted by anglers have been in the top 2-3 foot off the water column.  Indeed, some anglers reported rising fish in small but decent numbers, but they were very difficult to hook!

Traditional flies still the go to patterns, but with the larger trout chasing fry, something longer on the tail is well worth a try.

Pike anglers are also having a hard time contacting fish at the moment, with just the odd pike being caught.

Water clarity is much the same as last week at one metre, but algae levels are lower by some 10% from the previous week.  Temperature is now at 16oc at the 2-3 foot mark.  Pretty comfortable by comparison to its peak 2-3 weeks ago of 21.5oc!

Zooplankton also showing a little increase, but as mentioned in last week’s blog, it is difficult to assess accurately zooplankton levels in high algae presence.