Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 21st August 2011

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Loch Leven has continued to fish well this past week; with some very good fish having been caught in the 3½ lbs to 5 lbs class.  Small fish are also still quite active mainly in the open water.

The weed bed areas are now holding very large numbers of fry, and fish are ‘crashing’ through these shoals feeding heavily.  Catching these fry feeders is still pretty difficult but by no means impossible.

Interestingly, some large hatches of buzzers – mainly yellow owl – have been in evidence.  When these hatches are happening, fish are much more readily available at or very near to the surface.

Zooplankton are still very much in abundance in the open water, ensuring a high protein diet for the small fish.

Several different methods will work depending on the conditions.  Last Tuesday, for instance, a lot of fish were caught on buzzers, whereas on Friday two visiting anglers had a very good day fishing wet flies using a floating line and pulling their teams of flies fairly fast – quite a contrast in these two methods!

Best flies have been buzzers of various colours, Muddlers, Snatchers (in their usual patterns), Kate McLaren, Biblio, Pearly Wickham, Pearly Invicta etc.

Reed Bower to St Serfs, East & Mid Buoys, Hole ‘o’ the Inch and Scart to Green Isle have been the best areas over the last week.

Water clarity stands at 1.3 meters pretty much everywhere on the loch whilst  the temperature has dipped slightly to 16.8°C.

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