Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 21st July 2013

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Well, another week of gloriously sunny warm weather has again seen the water temperature near the surface of Loch Leven rise to 21.30C before cloud cover over the last 24 hours see it dip down again to a smidgeon under 200C.  Algae is now prolific in patches but, over the extensive weed beds, the water clarity remains very clear.  Clarity in the areas of algae is down to 1.8 metres but is up over 3 meters at the head of the wind and in the areas where the weeds are thickest.

Big buzzers are still not hatching as yet in huge numbers but nevertheless some very nice rises of fish have been coming up mainly to Silverhorn Sedge.  During these rises, fish were a little more ‘obliging’ and some nice baskets were taken, particularly in the middle of the week.

Craig Michie, who was fishing with Jim Baxter, had 6 good trout – they only kept one at 3 lbs 10 ozs and returned the other five as well as a good number of undersized trout.  Out on Wednesday evening, Dr Morrison had 4 trout, two of which he kept for the pot.  James McDonald, out fishing on his own on Tuesday, had a nice basket of 6 brownies, all of which he returned but said that two were over the 2 pound mark, two were between 1 ¼ – 1 ½ lbs and the smallest two were just under a pound.  Craig Michie’s fish at 3 lbs 10 ozs was probably the biggest fish of the week but several anglers reported seeing some very nice big trout moving.

Snatchers (in black, claret and fiery brown), Kate McLaren, Pearly Wickham and Black Pennell have all been reported as having been catching fish.  On the buzzer front, black, black & red as well as olive all appear to be working well when conditions suit.

Fish can be contacted pretty much anywhere on the loch at the moment, depending on the wind direction and fly hatches.  These conditions are changing almost night to night so the old adage of being ‘in the right place at the right time’ is particularly important at this time of year on Loch Leven.  We will try our best to point you in the right direction!