Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 22 May 2018

Trout fishing has improved a little this past week at Loch Leven and some very good fish have been caught.  John Patrick had a lovely trout estimated at 5lbs on Monday while Paul Donegan also had a fish estimated at 4.5-5lbs – one of several he caught while practicing for his SANACC prelim held on Tuesday.

Paul Donegan’s brownie


Eight anglers fished the SANACC prelim on Tuesday and it was a tough match but some good fish were caught.  Gordon Hayward had the day’s biggest fish weighting 4lb 4oz (capped at 2.5lbs I think).  Top qualifiers were Tom Burnett’s 6 trout at 5lb 11oz, 2nd was Gordon Hayward 3 for 4lb 8oz, 3rd was Brian McKenzie 5 for 4lb 4oz and the final qualifying place went to Paul Donegan with one fish weighing 1lb 9oz.  The 5 anglers had a total of 21 trout.

Some good baskets earlier in the week included 5 trout on the buzzer for Frank McFarlane, 4 fish for Alan Campbell and Tom Easton also had 4 nice fish on Monday.

Here are another couple of photos of trout caught kindly sent in by anglers. The first is a lovely looking brownie weighing 4.5 lbs caught (and released) by Stuart Moodie.


Stuart Moodie’s 4.5 lbs trout


Jim Baxter returned this fish weighing an estimated 6 lbs


Buzzer tactics working well on the quieter days but pulling methods also accounting for fish, especially on the open water drifts. Black buzzers and slight variants appear to be best, sparkler patterns and various small, traditional wet flies working well with pulling methods.

The best areas for trout have been North Buoy, Elbow Buoy, West Point of St Serfs and Reed Bower all holding trout.

Pike fishing has been very good this past week with some lovely catches of very big pike up to 21lbs having been recorded.  George Shearer, John Kenny  and Steven Napier enjoyed an extraordinary session on Friday evening when, in a period of just 3 hours, they caught between the three of them 21 pike, all over 10 lbs with the largest just over 20 lbs.

A selection of the pike caught by George Shearer and friends


Two days later, on Sunday, Robie & Ian Gilmour were ought with Aaron Garvie and they had 13 pike (doubles)  between them within the space of 5 hours with the largest weighing 20lbs 8 ozs.

Some of the Gilmour party’s pike


As mentioned last week, all permitted methods for pike appear to be being successful.  Best areas much the same, namely Factor’s Pier, Alice’s Bower, Kirkgate Bank and West Shore of Castle Island.

Water clarity has improved quite dramatically this week and is now showing 4 metres on the Secchi disc.  Water temperature is steady at 14.5oC.

There is now a massive amount of zoo plankton present in the water column, providing a huge amount of food for all the fish in the Loch, especially the newly recruited juveniles which have just entered the Loch from the various streams.

Weed growth will now “kick off” big time, courtesy of the much clearer water and will ensure the biodiversity will increase within the Loch, providing a good environment for all forms of life in the Loch!

Some Late News! – Ewan Simpson was out on Tuesday 22nd May and caught a beautiful trout at 52cm with an estimated weight of 5.5-6lbs, just off the East side of Castle.  He also had a smaller fish at 1lb at St Serfs.  The big trout was Ewan’s best ever brownie!  Well done Ewan.

Ewan Simpson’s trout caught at Castle Island