Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 22nd May

Once again, anglers have enjoyed mixed fortunes on Loch Leven over the last week.  Some nice baskets of trout have been recorded, topped by Tony Black on Sunday who had 11 fish, all caught on buzzers.  His best fish was estimated at over 5 lbs but encouragingly there appeared to be several year groups showing amongst the fish he caught.  Tony returned all bar one trout which he kept for his tea!

Lewis Kerr was also out on Sunday and had seven trout, again all of which were caught on buzzers and then safely returned.  Paul Donegan was out practicing for the SANAC prelim and had one trout at just over 6 lbs which he caught off the drop off at the Black Wood.  Paul duly returned this fine specimen to fight another day.  Eck Dewar also had a 4 pounder caught on a buzzer.  Aberdour had 6 fish during outing on Sunday.

Paul Donegan with the 6 pounder he caught off the Black Wood


SANAC held their prelim on the loch on Tuesday (might as well sneak it into the report rather than wait another week!).  Brian Mackenzie was top qualifier with 6 fish followed by Peter Cameron on 3 and Shane Kelly with 4.  In all, the 13 competitors had 27 fish between them.

Both pulling and buzzer methods are working and it very much depends on the prevailing conditions on the day as to which it is best to use.  Best areas are pretty much the same as in previous weeks, namely Hole ‘o’ the Inch, Mid and East Buoys, North Shore to North Buoy, Cavelstone Strip and the north side of Castle Island. – all have been producing fish.

Water clarity is very good at just on the 4 metre mark and water temperature just below the surface has risen to 14.50C.  Zooplankton are still in evidence in huge quantities all over the loch.  Weed growth is now strong thanks to the bright conditions – it is amazing how quickly the weed beds do grow when light penetration improves.

Pike are still being caught but perhaps not in as great numbers last week as they were the previous week.  Some very nice specimen pike are still being caught in the usual places – Factor’s Pier, Alice’s Bower and Kirkgate Bank which is perhaps the pike hot spot.

Martin Rowan with a 16 lbs beauty, the largest of 5 pike he caught from 6 lbs upwards


Evening fishing is now underway and some nice localised rises of fish have been seen.  However we are still waiting to see if we get some much bigger hatches of fly to tempt the trout away from the prolific food sources deeper down in the water column which is where they appear to be concentrating mainly at the moment.

Photo of Willie (the Ghillie) Wilson hard at work writing this report despite interference from from Stan Headley, George Barron and Donald McGregor