Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 23 July 2018

There’s not a lot to report this week.  High summer has kicked in and the trout fishing is a bit more challenging than normal.

Having said that, Jeff Lawson did manage three good trout on buzzers on Friday over the North Deeps in 17 feet of water.  One of the trout weighed an estimated 3lbs and all were in beautiful condition and fought like tigers.

James Carmichael and a pal had two good fish on Saturday evening and a number of small trout just before the wind died.

Small fish are beginning to appear in the open water, but for short spells only.  Some big trout are hanging about the weed beds but, as usual, they are proving difficult to tempt in the high temperatures.

Water temperature is hovering around the 20oc mark and the clarity is patchy – courtesy of some green algae – which does move about in relation to the wind strength and direction.  Still, a lot of zooplankton present, providing a food source for all the year groups of trout.

We have to hope this very warm weather breaks and provides both trout and us anglers with just a little more comfort to get on with some more serious fishing.