Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 24 June 2018

Fishing this past week at Loch Leven has had its ups and downs – not unusual!

Last Wednesday Ian Jones and his father Bill, accompanied by Calum Crosbie, had 16 fish, all on buzzers with the largest an estimated 3lb fish – all but one fish was returned.  The day before Ian and Bill managed only 1 trout.  Same place, same method!

Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar had 10 fish on Friday and they also managed 7 on Monday; again on buzzers.   Out on Tuesday evening with the Burleigh Angling Club, Dave Clark has 4 lovely fish weighing a total of 12lb 12 oz!  Dave said all of his fish were on buzzers and he was contacting fish right up until dusk!  Pulling methods are working at times and some anglers are getting the odd fish but as you can imagine, in this very hot weather, it is pretty hard work.

North Deeps is still the most consistent area, but the drop offs at Elbow Mid and East Buoy now beginning to produce a fish or two.

Evening fishing is now beginning to work a wee bit.  At this time of year it’s usually the last hour before much happens, so it does make a difference if you fish until or near dusk.

Water clarity just over 2 meters.  There is algae present, but not a huge biomass at the moment.

Weed beds now nearing peak and there appears to be more weed about this season – something we welcome here at Loch Leven.

Pike anglers are still having to work hard to locate pike.  A few have been caught this past week but according to the anglers themselves, it’s “pretty hard work”.