Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 27 May 2018

Fishing has improved this past week at Loch Leven, particularly buzzer fishing.  Last Wednesday Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar had 21 trout, nearly all returned.  Ally Wells out on Sunday had 4 nice trout in half an hour at the Hole ‘O’ the Inch before the sun put paid to Ally’s efforts and he came in before getting “fried”!

Tom East and his pal Tam (sorry I can’t remember Tam’s second name) had 6 fish on buzzers on a very hot Monday.  Jeff and Eck had 14 on Monday too, but the story of the week is about our super regulars also out on Monday, Alan Campbell and Ian Simpson who between them caught 13 trout.  Alan had one trout weighed in the net at exactly 7lbs and another which he wanted to return quicker, a tad smaller at an estimated 6+lbs – all on buzzers and again, only a couple retained for the “pan”.

This is the “smaller” of Alan’s two specimen trout caught on Monday. This one was estimated at 6+ lbs


The trout are in excellent condition and fighting really hard.  Someone told me he hooked what he thought was a 2.5lb – 3lb fish and when eventually landed was round about the 1lb mark.

Best areas have been North Shore, North and Elbow buoys, Horn Bank and Hole ‘O’ the Inch.

Pike anglers having to work hard to find pike now, but saying that, some pike are still being caught in the usual areas or Factor’s Pier, Alice’s Bower, Reed Bower and Levenmouth.

Water clarity is still very good at 4 metres and the temperature is up now to 16.5oC and zooplankton, as reported last week, is very prolific!

Weed growth too is flourishing and large week beds will soon be visible in all of the usual areas, providing another welcome dimension for all the fish in the Loch over the summer months.