Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 27th August 2015

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Once again, the fishing has been a tad challenging on Loch Leven over the recent period. On Sunday for instance, a very strong east wind was coupled with unbroken sunshine all day. Despite these normally near impossible fishing conditions, fish were up on the surface especially near the weed beds but they proved mighty difficult to catch. However it was a joy to see these fish in evidence, often in good numbers.

The previous day, Alan Temple had some good sport fishing dries on the edge of the weed beds along the South Shore near to Cavelstone Strip. Alan lost a couple of good size fish, one of which ‘broke’ him, then had 3 nice fish and covered ‘countless more’ in a couple of hours.
Fish are now ‘patrolling’ the large shoreline weed beds in good numbers. The main attraction for these fish is undoubtedly the large shoals of perch fry and stickleback. But Corixa are also now showing up and will definitely be featuring in the trouts’ diet.

Open water drifts are still producing results especially in a good steady blow with full cloud cover. It is also worth watching the esturial areas of the main burns from now on as they will start filling up with fish, both big and small. The fish that normally move into the burn mouths usually drag numbers of non-breeders along with them. In fact, I have recorded non-breeders running the streams presumably on a sort of ‘dry run’!

Recommending specific flies at the moment is quite difficult. Some anglers have had success on dries and on very small traditionals on the calmer days but the traditional brown trout patterns arestill working. Fry patterns such as Peter Ross and Alexandra teal blue & silver are certainly well worth a try among surface moving fish suspected of fry bashing.

Water clarity remains much the same as last week at 1.3 meters whilst the water temperature has risen slightly to 16oC.