Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 28th September 2014

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To be honest, there has been very little changed since last week’s report.  Some good sized fish are splashing about and large numbers of smaller trout are appearing in the open water drifts but all classes of fish seem to be wary at the moment.

Best fish of the week weighed in at 3 lbs 13 ozs but there were reports of a much larger one being hooked, played and then lost almost at the net by a very frustrated angler – it was his first brown trout hooked!

Fish are still to be found in the open water drifts all along the drop off from the Elbow Buoy to East Buoy.  The south shore is also holding good numbers of fish from Cavelstone Strip to Carden Point, as is the south shore of St Serfs and the deep water east of St Serfs right to the Levenmouth Bank.

Fry feeders are still showing even in the deep water, particularly in calm conditions, and they are now congregating in numbers in the burn mouths waiting for Nature’s call to spawn.

The most successful flies have not really changed in over a month – Dabblers, Muddlers and Snatchers are all working, as are fry patterns such as teal winged, pearly bodied imitations in particular. Fish are being found mainly in the top 3 feet of the water column.  In fact one angler commented to me on Sunday after coming in after a day session that unless you ‘scratched the surface with your flies’, you probably were not going to move fish at all!

Water clarity remains unchanged at 1.5 metres with quite a lot of background algae still present.  Water temperature is holding up well for the time of year at just under 14oC.