Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 2nd September 2012

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Fish were still appearing close to the surface last week on Loch Leven but a sudden cold snap on Thursday evening through into Friday morning slowed things up a bit.  However, by Saturday, the fish were back near the surface again.

The open water drifts are still working well when conditions allow.  There have been some lovely fish seen in and around the weed beds but actually catching them has been quite challenging.  At the same time in other areas of the loch, there have been a lot of small fish making their presence known.

Iain John, fishing out from the north side of Castle Island on Saturday, caught and returned a big fish estimated to be 4 ½ – 5 lbs and then hooked and lost another big fish later in the same area.

Snatchers, Kate McLaren, Doobry and small Dunkeld Sparklers have all been accounting for fish but one angler came in on Friday evening having caught 5 fish (all returned) on a small Diawl Bach – so it still pays to experiment with both size and patterns.

The water temperature dropped a little during the week and it now stands at a still comfortable 16.50C.  Spate water has compromised water clarity over the last week and it too has dropped to 1.4 metres.

September is the month where we would expect fish to congregate near burn mouths and so drifts in these areas should be worth a try.  The weed beds are now also clearly holding a head of fish feeding on fry and Corixa which means they too should be worth a try over the final weeks of the season.