Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 3 June 2018

Our anglers have enjoyed some very good fishing this week at Loch Leven.  The best method has been buzzers fished from a variety of line densities right up to a full floater.  Some very good fish have been recorded – Ewan Clark had a fish weighing 5lb 12oz and his friend also had a good fish at 4lbs 2oz – 2 of a basket of 17 trout, all on buzzers.


Ewan Clark caught this trout weighing in at 5lb 12oz


Colin McGlone and Jim Baxter had 25 trout – all returned on Sunday, again all on the buzzer.  Good numbers of fish are being contacted but sometimes very hard to convert into positive takes!

Alan Lindsay fishing last week had an “enquiry” almost every cast for a good half hour but only had one of the offers to the boat.

The main area for catches has been the North Deeps, with fish being found along the 15 to 20 foot contours of North Buoy along to Elbow Buoy holding fish and the Hole ‘O’ the Inch producing fish especially when the East wind freshens and the boats look for quieter water.

Pulling methods working a bit better in the evening, but we are waiting on some good hatches of fly to come off in the later evening.

Pike anglers now having to work a little harder to find fish but Eric Dey had a lovely pike on Sunday morning weighing 23lb 8oz.

Weed growth now very prolific and we think that this probably affects the fortunes of the pike anglers.

Water clarity is still very good at just on 4 metres and there is some algae present but certainly not enough to compromise the clarity at the moment.  Zooplankton is still prolific moving up and down the water column, depending on whether it is sunny or not.

As we move into the longer days, evening fishing should become more or a “player” in the grand scheme of things and hopefully we will enjoy an evening rise to go at!