Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 3 September 2018

Fishing is still a wee bit tricky at Loch Leven, although algae levels have dropped by a fair amount and the water clarity has responded and it’s slightly better at 1.2 metres.  The temperature is also now very comfortable for the fish at 15.5oc.

Kier Hardie was out on Friday afternoon and had a nice trout, estimated at 3.5 lbs and another nice fish.  Lewis Kerr who was out on Saturday, had a couple of trout plus two or three undersize fish for his session and Ian Simpson and Alan Campbell had two fish yesterday.  Meanwhile, Steven King and Sean Roddy were fishing on Thursday and managed a nice trout which was just over 2 lbs.  Sean’s diligence and perseverance finally paid off, so well done Sean!

Sean Roddy with the trout he caught weighing in at just over 2lbs





































The best areas have been East side of Reed Bower, open water drifts from the South Shore, East Buoy and North Buoy all holding fish.

Muddlers, Dabblers and Snatchers in all their various colour combinations are taking fish.  It’s also worth trying patterns which imitate fry i.e. Pearly Invicta, Peter Ross, Alexandra Dunkeld and so on.

Some big fish have been seen both in the open water, but you’re more likely to contact one near to some of the big weed beds.

On the pike angling front there appears to be some movement.  Tony McTaggart and his friend Alex on Monday had 10 pike up to 15 lb on various plastic lures.  Other pike anglers have had some success, even though things have been a bit difficult, but it just shows with some luck and diligence that pike can still be found and caught.  Well done Tony and Alex!