Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 30th July 2011

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Evening fishing onLoch Leven has continued to be pretty good with some very nice rises of fish most evenings. Day fishing is also producing some fish, when conditions suit, but the very bright, sunny conditions prevailing for most of last week have definitely increased the daytime challenge.

Buzzer fishing is still working but perhaps its effectiveness is just starting now to wane.  Pulling traditionals just below the surface using snatchers, Kate McLaren, Pearly Wickham, Pearly Invicta and Bibio seems to be probably working best at the moment, with suspender buzzers of various patterns on the quieter nights doing well – as are muddlers and palmers.

North side of the Castle, Scart Island, West point of St Serfs, Willows at the east end of St Serfs and the South Deeps just east of Reed Bower are all producing fish when the wind suits these particular drifts.

Water clarity currently stands at 1.5 metres and the water temperature is around the seasonal norm at 18.5°C.

Some prolific fly hatches have been coming off in the sometimes very muggy conditions.  The fish do follow these hatches up to or very near to the surface, giving anglers a chance to go at them.

We won’t bother you with details of individual or club catches this week, because there were quite a number to choose from, but one feature which has been very pleasing to see has been the large numbers of small fish rising – this hopefully augurs well for future seasons.  At the other end of the scale, the largest fish recorded last week was a very nice fish at 5 lbs 1 oz.

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