Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 3rd August 2014

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The fishing on Loch Leven has definitely improved over the last week.  Algae levels have dropped by around 25% and water clarity is improving again, now up to 1.6 metres or so over most of the loch. Water temperature has also dipped back down to 18oC which makes it a little more comfortable for the fish.

Lots of small fish are now chasing flies very close to the surface and they are a joy to see as they are key  to the loch’s performance as a fishery over the coming years.  Bigger are being caught, sometimes amongst the shoals of small trout as Andy Kemp, fishing with Perth RASC, found on Sunday when he hooked a lovely trout weighing 3 lbs 6 ozs.

However the biggest fish of the week was a lovely brownie weighing 4 lbs 4 ozs caught by Jeff Lawson – one of 8 trout caught by Jeff, 5 of which were returned at or near to the Reed Bower on Thursday.

There was one other large fish hooked and lost by an unlucky angler fishing in pretty rough conditions on Saturday with the ABC&D Club.  The poor chap lost his net over the side of the boat early on in the day – I am still not quite sure how!  During the course of the day, he hooked several fish, one of which was estimated at over 5 lbs, but he didn’t manage to get any of them into the boat!

Hopefully, as the season matures, fish will continue to be active near to the surface, particularly in the open water drifts and near to the drop offs along the bank from the North Buoy to the East Buoy.  Fishing onto a shoreline can also be successful  especially for big fish who can be found collecting food on the ‘bouncy’ windward shore

Best flies of the week have been Claret & Fiery Brown Snatchers, Claret & Pearly Dabblers and various Muddlers fished behind low density lines – even full floaters have been working in calmer conditions.