Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 4th August 2013

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As we ease into August, the weather has become slightly more unsettled after the gloriously warm sunny weather we had during the first few weeks of July.  We had a ‘rare blaw’ at the weekend which forced us to batten down the hatches but otherwise the conditions for fishing have not been too bad particularly in the evenings.

Fishing on Tuesday evening, Alan Campbell (the big fish expert) and Ian Simpson had 15 trout between them, of which they kept 4 weighing 4 lbs 4 ozs.  That same evening, Rab Walls had 8 fish, as did Donald McGregor who also lost a good number of other fish, one of which he estimated would have been in the 4 ½ lbs region (or so he says!).

During the very strong winds on Saturday, the intrepid anglers of ABC&D AC went out for a daytime competition.  Two of their club members fishing together each had a beautiful fish – Matthew Wilson had the largest weighing in at 4 lbs 6 ozs whereas Jim Torbert’s weighed in at 3 lbs 12 ozs.

Photos submitted over the last few days of trout caught
Photos submitted over the last few days of trout caught


Fishing on Friday evening with Kinross AC, Alan Smith hooked and was ‘broken’ (in more ways than one!) by a huge trout.  I was lucky / unlucky enough to have personally witnessed the encounter and can confirm it was off the scale in terms of the size of the normal brownies caught on Loch Leven.  Alan is still in shock, muttering something about 2013 not being a good fishing year!

Best flies this past week have been Muddlers, Dabblers and Snatchers in the various colours and sizes.  Line density is pretty important with choices of line needing to be appropriate for the time of day you are fishing.  Fish are normally being found just a few feet below the surface depending on the light.

Open water drifts are still the best option.  For example, south of Reed Bower all the way to St Serfs is holding a lot of fish but the north west corner of the loch near to the Green Isle is also showing fish in the twilight.

Water clarity is down to just over 1 metre courtesy of a large bloom of green algae and the temperature has dropped back a little to 180C.