Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 5th June

We had some pretty good buzzer fishing last week at Loch Leven.  Jeff Lawson and Eck Dewar in particular had a couple of excellent days on the loch – on Wednesday they had 34 trout between them, returning all but a few which were kept for the BBQ!  On Friday, they went out again and caught a further 20.

Jeff Lawson & Eck Dewar with a few of the 34 brownies they caught between them on Wednesday


Alan Campbell unfortunately caught a bug which laid him low for a few days but managed to go out onto the loch on Friday and had 5 good fish whilst that same day Jim Baxter had 3 nice trout but also made contact with a number of others.  There were seemingly some big fish about last week.  Sunday was not ideal conditions for fishing but Brian Duffy had a big trout just off the Green Isle and that evening Mr Selvey had hold of a big fish in the same area but sadly lost it.

Buzzers seem to be the most successful method at the moment and there have been some nice hatches of various sizes of buzzers.  We are also seeing some nice hatches of flies in the evenings with fish appearing on the surface during those hatches.  As we enter the summer, evening fishing should be starting to take off and hopefully we will start seeing some good hatches of the big ‘Curly Bums’ (Yellow Owl) any day now.

Best areas over the last week have been the open water in the north along the 12-20 foot contour, East Buoy, Hole ‘o’ the Inch and Sluices area.  Balck buzzers are doing well but it appears that a wide range of buzzer types are catching fish.  Pulling methods are still catching fish as well, particularly in the open water drifts and any drop offs with the fresh wind to blow you along.  Whether pulling or fishing buzzers, line density is very important and best to determine the most appropriate on the day.

Pike fishing is still producing some very nice specimens.  Bogumil Kaczmarek had a nice looking pike when out on Saturday but his trumped by a big 25 pounder caught on Sunday by Eric Dey.  Weed growth is starting to compromise some of the recognised pike producing areas but good specimens are obviously still available.

Bogumil Kaczmarek with his pike which was then released back into the loch


Eric Dey with his 25 lbs pike caught just off Scart Island


Water clarity is still hovering around the 3.5 meter mark whilst the water temperature has eased down to 160C.  Weed growth is now well established in all the usual ‘weedy areas’.  Zooplankton is still in the water column in prolific quantities, providing a great food source to all ages of trout.  Another clear indication of the improvement in the water quality in Loch Leven has been the recovery in the perch population.  It was not so long ago that the perch population appeared to have almost been wiped out but numbers have been steadily recovering over recent years (good news if they distract cormorants and pike away from the trout!  Many thanks to Maciej Barański who kindly send in this photo of a fine specimen he happened to hook last weekend.


Maciej Barański with the perch he caught