Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 7th August 2011

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It is probably fair to say that small fish were the main topic of conversation amongst anglers at Loch Leven this past week.  Large numbers of 6 – 10 inch trout have been seen in various areas around the loch and sometimes right up on the surface.  In amongst the small fish, however, bigger fish can be encountered – indeed on Sunday evening two trout estimated to have weighed in excess of 4 lbs (both were returned!) were caught in among a shoal of these small fish.  The presence of these very large numbers of small trout hopefully bodes well for seasons to come.

Open water drifts are producing some good sport, even during daytime sessions when conditions are right.  However, some fish are now to be found on the edge of the weed beds chasing the large numbers of fry to be found in these areas –  dry flies sometimes work well in that situation.

Buzzers still seem to be working at times, but the first choice of most anglers now appears to be pulling traditional flies pretty close to the surface – a flashback to the old days?

Water clarity remains at about the same as the last two weeks at 1.4 meters, whilst the water temperature remains steady at 18°C.  Interestingly, the level of the loch appears to have actually risen three inches courtesy of some very heavy rain last weekend!

As we move into the back end of the season, day fishing should improve; the evenings at the moment are probably still just the better bet but the gap is closing.

Some of this weeks returns:-

  • Mr McAffrey – 1 trout @ 1 lb with a further 10 returned
  • Mr Cowan – 2 @ 3 lbs 2 ozs and 6 returned
  • Stan Headley – 3 @ 8 lbs 10 ozs with a further 8 returned
  • Mr McAllan– 2 @ 3 lbs and 4 returned

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