Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 8 July 2018

Fishing has proved a wee bit challenging this past week at Loch Leven.  High water temperatures have resulted in a dip in activity, although some fish have been seen on the surface but mostly later in the evening and fish are not being easily tempted!  Light winds have been variable in direction and this has been a contributing factor too.

Having said that, the best areas to try are still near to all the drop offs, North and East Buoys are the “go to” areas, especially in a good fresh South West wind.  The South Deeps are now beginning to show some of the smaller trout we normally see round about mid-July onwards.

Some very good hatches of fly are coming off everything from Caenis, Silverhorn, Sedge and some big “juicy” Yellow Owl right at dusk and a few trout are up for them but not in the numbers you would describe as a “rise” of fish!

Pike anglers are finding it harder to contact any pike, which is par for the course in relation to seasons past.

Small flies size 12 and 14 appear to be doing best, especially in the very calm conditions later in the evening.

As mentioned earlier, water temperature is high, averaging at 20.5oc.  Clarity has also been compromised this week and is averaging at 1.2 metres pretty much all over the Loch, courtesy of a bloom of algae.

I think we need a break in this very hot, still weather to drop the water temperature by just a few degrees and hopefully get some trout up on, or near to the surface.