Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 8th August 2016

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Where did those gales come from?  It is early August after all, not November!  The unseasonably strong winds led to all fishing on Sunday and Monday being cancelled which was a shame.

That aside, there were some nice baskets of fish recorded earlier in the week.  On Tuesday evening, Willie Simpson and Garry Ormiston had 9 fish between them, all returned. Alan Smith, out fishing with a pal on Wednesday during the afternoon and evening, had 12 fish which were all returned.  On Thursday, Bradley Chalmers had 5 fish during the day whilst Colin Martin had 10 fish to his own rod fishing the afternoon & evening session – once again, both these anglers returned all their fish.

Biggest trout of the week as far as we are aware was caught by Alex Rankine and weighed exactly 5 lbs.  It was taken on a Kate McLaren Snatcher between Carden Point and the west end of St Serfs.

A good number of small fish are still being caught which is encouraging for seasons to come.  I have to expressing privately some mild concerns a few weeks ago about the number of small fish being seen on the loch but I needn’t have worried.  No sooner had I opened my mouth than there they were!

Open water drifts are still performing the best with both the North & South Deeps holding good numbers of fish.

Best flies too have not really changed since last week.  Flies with pearl bodies or at least a pearl rib are worth a try.  The pearly Kate McLaren has been taking good numbers of fish, as has the Doobry, Wingless Wickham and Black Snatcher.

Water clarity has edged down a little over the last week to 1.6 meters but I think that has been largely down to the high winds churning things up a bit over the weekend.  The same is true of the water temperature which is down slightly at 150C.

Fish have been spotted along the weed beds lately and I have little doubt that they will be resuming their fry bashing activities soon as we would expect towards the end of the season.

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