Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 8th August

Good numbers of small fish have made an appearance on Loch Leven over the past week.

On Friday night, Kinross AC got in amongst ‘the wee ones’ all down the South Deeps from Reed Bower to the east end of St Serfs.  Kenny Patterson, fishing as a guest of the club, did hook a big fish which he estimated at 7-8 lbs but was broken!  Understandably, Kenny was still shaking when he got back to the Pier.  Michael Wilson was top rod on the night with 4 fish, just beating Donald McGregor with 3 good fish into 2nd spot.

Earlier in the week, Stuart Moodie was out on a very wet and sometimes very windy Wednesday and had a very busy time, catching some 18 brownies but only 2 of which measured ‘over the stick’.  However he did comment that it was so good to see so many young trout.

Water clarity is 1.4 meters this week and the temperature is comfortable at 16oC.  Zooplankton are still being seen in fairly prolific quantities and providing a great food source for all of the fish and especially the busy juveniles.

The weed beds which have been mentioned in previous reports are now holding good numbers of fry and some very big fish indeed have been spotted patrolling the areas just off some of the weeds.

Traditional flies are working, particularly hackle flies such as Kate McLaren, Soldier palmer, Doobry and Kee Wee.  Muddlers too are moving fish sometimes, particularly in a big wave near the surface.  As usual, line density is quite important with some anglers having success right on the surface with floating lines.