In conjunction with the improving water quality, recent years have seen a significant recovery in the pike population to the extent that pike anglers are now fishing the loch again and catching specimens up to 26 lbs.


Pike Fishing Season On Loch Leven

The fishing season starts on Saturday 25th March and ends in early October.

Best months for pike on Loch Leven are April, May & June.  From mid June onwards, growth in the prolific weed beds around the loch reach a point where the pike withdraw into them as they form an ideal hunting ground.  Concealed by these weed beds, the pike are hard to locate.


Boat Only – No Bank Fishing

All pike fishing on Loch Leven is done from the same boats that trout anglers use and the scale of charges is identical whether you are fishing for trout or pike.


Permitted Pike Fishing Methods on Loch Leven

The following pike fishing methods are permitted on Loch Leven:

  • Flies
  • Lures
  • Dead bait – the dead bait has to be from marine fish only.  Freshwater dead bait is NOT permitted due to the risk of introducing disease.

The use of live bait of any sort is FORBIDDEN. The ecology of the loch is too sensitive for risks to be taken.


Number of Rods Permitted

Anglers can take more than one made up rod out with them in the boat but may only fish ONE set rod at a time.

Each boat can take up to 3 anglers


Below are photos of some of the pike caught last season

Rod McLennan
Connor Campbell
9 year old McKenzie